Mentoring for Herbalists

The Mentorship Program Format​: Individual Sessions with Patricia

Tuition: The cost for mentorship sessions is $180 per month, or $540.00. Pay in full when you register or arrange to make monthly  payments.  Sliding scale is available upon request.

Commitment: You must commit to a minimum of two phone sessions per month for three months. After the three months, you can continue to work with Patricia on a month-by-month basis ($90 per hour).

Case Review Guidelines: I’ll send you detailed guidelines for submitting cases, a Case Review Template form (based on the American Herbalists Guild mentorship guidelines for clinical training), along with other materials, before our first session. 

Credit for AHG Professional Membership: Credit for the cases presented, both in private sessions and during roundtables, may be claimed as clinical hours when applying for professional membership in the AHG.

Individual Sessions: Specific days are reserved for mentoring sessions, which will vary from month to month, based on my schedule. I send out a link to my mentor appointment calendar during the last week of each month. All appointments are on weekdays. Once an appointment is booked, if you cancel or need to change the date or time, it may be possible to reschedule; however, appointments may not be carried over from month to month.


Now accepting applications for August 2021

How to Apply

Details about Patricia's Mentorship Program

 I am happy to answer your questions. Send me an email.

About Patricia's Mentorship Program

Mentees enrolled in my mentoring program receive 2 one-hour appointments each month to review case studies and/or discuss any other related matters, such as business logistics, practice policies, and personal issues that come up in the process of establishing a practice.

An individual appointment may be by phone or Zoom. I am also available by email between sessions to provide feedback on follow up work you may want me to review after each session.​

This program is open to student practitioners who have completed a solid foundational course in herbal studies and are ready to actively solicit clients and create case studies with complete treatment protocols. You should have an herb apothecary (or access to one) to fulfill herb recommendations for your clients. In addition, you must submit examples of forms used in your clinical practice (see list below) before we begin our work together. Copies of your forms should be submitted when you apply for the program. Samples of each required form are available on request if needed. 

To apply, send me an
email requesting a Mentorship Program Application and submit it along with any of these forms you may already be using. (If you don't have all of these yet, we can start our work together by creating them for your practice.)

  • Disclosure/Informed Consent Form
  • Health History Intake Form
  • Your CV or Resume

Once I receive your information, I will contact you to set up a short telephone interview. After this, we’ll set your first two appointments and you will receive a digital packet of information with additional forms for setting up your case files and other materials. 

Payment for the program or first month is due when we book your first appointment.

Ready to use your herbal training to establish yourself as an herbalist in your community?  

Let me help you build your clinical skills and provide the support you need to practice with confidence. 

My mentorship program offers personalized support and constructive feedback through individual sessions by phone or Zoom. The program requires a three-month commitment. Each month you’ll receive two private one-hour phone sessions and a reasonable amount of email communication. See below for more details.

To apply, request an application by 
email. If you need help deciding if this program is for you, let me know and we can arrange to speak by phone. 

I look forward to collaborating with you as you build your clinical skills!