Patricia's Herb Programs

The Foundations of Herbalism Online Program

The 2021 Foundations of Herbalism Online Program begins on Feb. 18, 2021. We're offering 120 hours of instruction via classes live-streamed on Thursday nights. Join Patricia, Lorna Mauney-Brodek, and guest teacher Mimi Hernandez for comprehensive training in herbal basics. 

Registration and more details here.

​The BotanoLogos Online Classroom

Check out these recorded webinars! Once you purchase a class you can access it anytime for one year. Each webinar includes recordings and extensive handouts. All webinars are taught by Patricia.

Herbal Basics for Everyone

If you’d like to start using herbs for yourself and your family but feel a bit intimidated about how to jump in, Herbal Basics for Everyone is for you!

This webinar series is for anyone new to using herbal medicines, as well as for self-taught herbal enthusiasts and anyone who could use a concise overview that explains how herbalism works. The series includes tips for buying. using and making various herbal preparations, details about what herbs can and can’t do, and a look at a few herbs that you really need to know how to use for everyday health care.

Cost: $25 for 8 hours of lectures and extensive handouts. Registration and more details here

Healing with the Five Elements: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This webinar series explores the distinctive ways that elemental energies contribute to symptoms of health and disease in the body, mind, and spirit, and provides specific guidance for working with them.

Cost: $40 for 20 hours of lectures and extensive handouts. Register and more details here

From Symptom to Formula

This webinar introduces you to a step-by-step method for assessing symptoms presented during an intake, determining the herbal actions needed, and generating a list of herbs that will form the basis for effective formulas.

Cost: $40 for six hours of lectures and extensive handouts. Register and more details here.