Herbalism is a powerful form of healing

that can result in big changes in how you feel now,

and in the years ahead.

My herb consultations provide you with a personalized, step-by-step plan to help you feel better, whether you want to improve your overall health and have more energy, or you need support because you're dealing  with a specific health challenge. With more than 26 years of clinical experience, I specialized in creating easy to follow, effective ways to use herbs that works for you, and your lifestyle.

 As part of your wellness team, I am also available to work with other practitioners you are currently seeing to coordinate your healing plan. Please note: I am not accepting new clients in my practice until January 2020. 

I offer two types of herb consultations.

The first type is geared toward providing you with immediate help for acute conditions such as colds, flu, headaches, recovery from trauma injuries, etc. These consultations include a thirty minute session and cost $45. 

The second type of consultation offers a more in-depth health assessment based on your complete health history, a review of any lab work or other medical tests, and a lifestyle and diet evaluation. This consultation is designed to address any chronic health conditions you may have and to provide a treatment plan that may result in profound changes in your health and well-being. The initial one and a half hour session and 30 minute follow up (usually two to three weeks after the initial consultation) that includes detailed written recommendations for herbs and nutritional supplements, along with customized lifestyle suggestions. The fee for this consultation is $200.00. 

All consultations are available at my office in Clayton, Georgia, or by phone or Skype. Herbs or supplements I may recommend are not included in the consultation fee.

Herb Consultations 

I am not accepting any new clients in my practice at this time.